Saturday, 13 November 2010

Jamie's not quite 30-minute meal - chicken pie!

picture taken from Channel 4 website
I might very well be the world's slowest cook. And if not the slowest at least the runner up....
I don't think there's anything wrong with being slow, I don't see any virtue in doing things just miss loads on the way concentrating on speed. I like taking my works better like that for me.
I take a long time to think about what I want to cook and can wonder around supermarkets for hours looking at produce and imagining flavour chopping skills are in dreamy slow motion and in the end I am often still eating when everyone else is ready to move on....

When I saw Jamie Oliver's new 30 minute meals programme, I was really impressed how cleverly he organises the different steps so that according to him, it is possible for any cook to create a main plus side dishes and dessert in 30min. Wow!

I didn't really expect that I'd be able to do it in the same time frame but thought there'd be hope I spend less than hours preparing one of these meals. I chose the chicken pie with French-style peas, substituted the sweet carrot mash with swede mash and left the dessert took me a little over an hour which just proves my point but
a. I was slightly lacking the discipline to follow his step by step guide and did the unthinkable and improvised a little and
b. he is cheekily cheating as all the veg is cut in a food processor according to the recipe but we don't have a food processor so had to chop all by hand as usual....I am considering getting a mandolin now!

It was my first ever chicken pie and I thought it was incredibly satisfying to make and tasted very comforting. It is very easy to make and no matter how rough the puff pastry looks when you put it in the oven it all fluffs up golden and beautiful and has that great homemade rough edge to it. The french peas with gem lettuce and mint were amazing - so tasty and creamy...totally want to do them again.

Unfortunately I've just realised that the recipe has been taken off the web...guess Jamie would like to sell some of his books as well....I think this might be one to add to the Christmas Wishlist!
Some of the 30minute meals are still on the Channel 4 website so go check them out before they disappear xx

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